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About us:

In the year 1997, We bought our first dog fully inexperiencedly: Balatoni Abigél Nomi. We raised her as only dog and started participating on shows with her but without any great success since her behavior didn't suit the requirements. She gave birth to our first litter ( five female puppies ) on 5th of February 1999 and we kept White Little Hunter Alia - Jenny out of them who became successful show dog.

Not so later on We bought our first male dog from Miss Éva Geiner, Merry-Andrew Johnny - Döndi, who gave us much plesure by his continuous winnings. In that time we decided to deal with dog-rearing more seriously. By this decision I fulfilled a school and became specialized in dog-cosmetics and from that time I prepare our dogs to every show.

There are one or two new litters at our kennel in each years and we always carefully select the new master and the future home for our dogs. Every dog brings lifelongs responsability in everyone's life, that's why, our veteran dogs live peacefully in love and regard at our home. Every person, who has westie, must know that this dog has its own personality and it is a real family dog, a very lovable terrier.

In December 2005, We became Golden Laureate Westie Master Breed. Our aim to give birth the more healthy and beautiful puppies.

We would like to thank Lia Meerwijk, the owner of Caithness kennel, for giving us Caithness Pioneer Max in 2001 whereby our kannel became more successful. We can thank her a lot of excellent and winner dogs!
We can live without dog but it does no good!

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